Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives
ELDEC 2009 intends to provide a forum to discuss the problems and their solutions in the area of applications of Information and Communication Technologies in education and training, mainly focusing on higher education and non-formal training. It also intends to provide a platform for researchers and professionals to share their research, ideas and innovative e-learning techniques to provide quality education without the geographic and time limitations. It will focus on the role of ICT in higher education and other sectors. The following issues are needed to be addressed from different aspects.


What is the impact of Information and Communication Technologies in formal and non-formal education and training.
bullet How the effective education and training material could be designed and developed.
bullet What is the best way to disseminate and deliver the prepared material to the students and people being trained.
bullet What are different models and standards being used for distance education using ICT and what are the results these have produced.
bullet How local factors (language, culture, existing literacy rate, availability of required infrastructure, social setup) affects the distance learning process.
bullet How psychological and social issues within cross cultural environment effect the electronic and distance learning.
bullet What are the models adopted by conventional universities to make use of ICT for better learning process.
bullet How precisely a student could be evaluated studying through distance learning process.
bullet What are the various tools and technologies being used for electronic and distance education.
bullet How to better utilize available ICT infrastructure for E-learning and Distance Education.
bullet What are the current trends and future directions of electronic learning.