Call for Papers
ELDEC brings together academic research and practical applications of e-Learning from all areas. At ELDEC, an international group of academicians, public sector officials, corporate and educational communities will join together to exchange ideas and examples of best practices. VU invites submissions of papers on both the theory and practice of all aspects of eLearning. Topics may include, but are not limited to: 

bullet Applications  
bullet Education, Training and non-formal education in diverse sectors such as social sciences & basic sciences, Engineering & technology, healthcare, agriculture etc.

bullet Technology  
bullet Tools,
bullet Systems & Infrastructure
bullet Implementation Issues
bullet Standards
bullet Interoperability

bullet Accessibility  
bullet Digital Divide
bullet Local factors
bullet Strategies
bullet Infrastructure
bullet Flexibility

bullet Quality  
bullet Instructional Design
bullet Dissemination and Delivery
bullet Performance measurement
bullet Learning resources and their management