4th e-Learning and Distance Education Conference
Envisioning the Future: Rethinking, Reshaping, Redesigning Education
20-21 Nov. 2017 Lahore, Pakistan
Evolution, Challenges & Solutions

Live Stream


The Conference will be organized in the city of Lahore, the provincial capital of the Punjab, Pakistan. The Conference will be held at:
Day 1 (20th November, 2017)
Virtual University of Pakistan, M.A Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore.

Day 2 (21st November, 2017)
University of Education, College Road, Township, Lahore.

Travel Information

  • By Plane
    Allama Iqbal International Airport is located about 20-30 minutes from the city centre. Taxis and shuttles are available to take passengers from the city to the airport - with unmetered taxis it is advisable to set the rate beforehand. The new proposed Lahore Mass Rapid Transit System will be linked from different parts of the city to the airport. The airport is a major hub of Pakistan International Airlines which flies to the rest of Pakistan.
    Visit Lahore Airport Website for check latest flights schedule.
  • By Train
    The main railway station is located near the city centre. There are routes from all major Pakistani cities. The Samjhauta (Friendship) Express runs twice a week between Lahore and Amritsar, across the border in India. Apart from that, trains to southern e.g., Multan, DG Khan, Karachi etc and northern parts e.g., Gujrat, Gujranwala, Jhelum, Rawalpindi, Peshawar etc. run from the main station. It also connects to the western part of Pakistan to Faisalabad and beyond.
  • By Car
    A modern motorway connects Lahore to Islamabad, Faisalabad and Peshawar. The motorway is considerably better than the GT road, even though it is longer.
  • By Bus
    Minibuses are the cheapest way to get between the larger cities, and the only way to get to some more remote destinations.
    Major Bus Companies in Lahore are:
    1. Niazi Express
      Click Here to visit Niazi Express website.
    2. Daewoo
      Click Here to visit Daewoo website.


  • Pearl Continental Lahore
    The only 5 star Deluxe property in Lahore. The hotel has 607 guest rooms and suites, a 40,000 sq. ft. state of the art conference center. The Pearl Continental Lahore can cater to any size of business and meet your requirements. Service is at your finger tips with staff motivated to serve to your perfection.
    Click Here to visit Pearl Continental Lahore.
  • Hospitality Inn Lahore
    Hospitality Inn, formerly known as Holiday Inn, the luxurious premises located in central Lahore close to all business centers. We are committed to provide guests by exquisite Asian flair. We have earned a good reputation for uniqueness of our traditional and luxurious concepts. Relentless dedication and flawless personalized service makes staying so exceptional.
    Click Here to visit Hospitality Inn Lahore.
  • Avari Lahore
    Winner of the World Travel Awards Best Hotel in Pakistan category for the last five consecutive years the Avari Lahore is synonymous for offering the highest service levels alongside the best facilities catering to International Travelers needs. Winner of consumer choice award 2008 for best restaurants category for fujiyama and dynasty.
    Click Here to visit Avari Lahore.
  • Faletti’s Hotel Lahore
    The Faletti’s Hotel, offers a unique experience that embraces facets of Lahore’s history and heritage. In operation since 1880, the Hotel is known for its contemporary colonial style. As Lahore’s landmark Hotel, it is located at 24 Egerton Road, in close proximity to the Punjab Provincial Assembly Building and other major attractions of the city. The Faletti’s is a unique blend of old and new having successfully preserved its past aura to provide its guests with a lifetime of memories.
    Click Here to visit Faletti’s Hotel.
  • Sunfort Hotel Lahore
    Hotel Sunfort, owned and operated by Palace Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, has great importance due to its prime location. The hotel was designed on seven canals and fifteen marlas in a way to meet the needs of modern times. Backed by the financial strength and business-building resources of the Directors, Sunfort has embarked on a selective growth program and planning to enter new markets.
    Click Here to visit Sunfort Hotel.
  • Park Lane Hotel Lahore
    Park Lane Hotel is located on the edge of M.M. Alam Road which offers easy access to many of Lahore's attractions like the Gaddafi Stadium, Liberty Market and the Lahore Museum. Park Lane Hotel features lavish rooms and suites; each offering a 24-hour room service.

Places to Visit

  • Shahi Qila
    History lovers regard Shahi Qila as “Lahore fort” is located in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. The building structure of Shahi Qila is trapezoidal that spread over 20 hectares. It was built during the region of Mughal Emperor Akbar around 1556-1605 and also upgraded subsequently after Mughal by Sikhs and British rulers.
  • The Badshahi Mosque
    The Badshahi Mosque was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and was long the largest mosque in the world. Entrance is free.
  • Minar-e-Pakistan
    Right in front of the Fort and Badshahi Mosque is a park with the name Minar-e-Pakistan. It was built on the site where in 1940 the creation of a separate state for Muslims was recognized.
  • Jehangir´s Tomb
    Jehangir´s Tomb is a famous place where the grave and the gardens surrounding of the Mughal emperor Jahangir (1605-1627) in Shahdara in the 1870's. It's a beautiful place which built as a mugal garden on right bank of the Ravi River. Jehangir´s Tomb is in one of the greatest Architectural Projects of Pakistan.
  • Wagah Border
    Wagah Border is located on Grand Trunk Road which join the Amritsar, India and Lahore, Pakistan. It's a well known place all over Pakistan. Wagah is name of village which was divided in 1947 after partition. Today half part is in India and half is in Pakistan. Many people daily visit Wagah Border to watch soldiers parade and flag lowering ceremony on every evening between border security forces of India and Pakistan. Wagah Border ceremony having great heart touching moments and increase heart beats of everyone with love for their country.


  • Anarkali Bazaar
    Anarkali Bazar is the oldest bazaar of Lahore, Pakistan. It sells textiles, garments, jewellery, and many other items. Anarkali Bazar is divided into two portions, the Old Anarkali Bazar and the New Anarkali Bazar. The Old Anarkali Bazar is noted for traditional food items while the New Anarakli Bazar is noted for its traditional handicraft and embroidery clothes.
  • Liberty Market
    Liberty Market is one of the best shopping areas in Lahore. You'll find best quality of jewelry, fabrics, electronics and much more. At first Liberty Market appears to consist only of the large stores in a huge loop, however be aware that there is an entire backside to Liberty Market where shopping gets a lot more fun.
  • Fortress Stadium
    The Fortress Stadium is a popular open space consisting of shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and entertainment areas and a sports stadium. It is located Lahore Cantt. Fortress Stadium is also one of the most busy commercial areas of the city.
  • Mall of Lahore
    The Mall of Lahore is a large, state-of-the-art multi-purpose shopping mall complex in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan consisting of a wide range of designer brand outlets. With an area of 650,000 square feet, and over 70 stores, it is the largest shopping complex in Lahore and also one of Pakistan's largest. The shopping centre is a project of the real estate company Bahria Town.

Food and Popular
Lahore is a city with an extremely rich food culture. People from Lahore are famous all over the country for their love for food. The city offers a vast variety of options when it comes to gastronomy. In recent times, the style of food has achieved popularity in a number of different countries, because of its palatable and milder taste, mainly through the Pakistani diaspora.

  • Popular Food Places
    The following are some popular food places in lahore.
    1. Food Street
      Food Street is located on the Fort Road, Lahore. It was inaugurated on January 21, 2012 by Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, partly to replace the Gawalmandi Food Street and serve as a new food hub. The food street is famous for its authentic Lahori cuisine. It is located near the Roshnai Gate in the Walled City of Lahore, from where views of the Badshahi Mosque and the historic district of Lahore can be seen.
    2. M. M. Alam Road
      M. M. Alam road is a major road in Lahore.It runs from Main Market to Firdous Market in Gulberg. M.M. Alam road hosts a variety of flamboyant restaurants in modern Lahore.
  • Popular Dishes
    The following is a list of some foods of which Lahore is renowned for having unique tastes.
    1. Chicken tikka (Lahori-barbecue-style fried chicken pieces)
    2. Halwa Poori (a breakfast speciality of Lahore)
    3. Lahori Fried Fish
    4. Chargha (Lahori-style roast chicken)
    5. Nihari

Lahore features a five seasons: foggy winter (15 Nov – 15 Feb) with few western disturbances causing rain; pleasant spring (16 Feb – 15 April); summer (15 April – June) with dust, rain storms and heat wave periods; rainy monsoon (July – 16 September); and dry autumn (16 September –14 November). The hottest month is June, where average highs routinely exceed 40 °C (104.0 °F). The wettest month is July, with heavy rainfalls and evening thunderstorms with the possibility of cloudbursts. The coolest month is January with dense fog.
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