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VISA General Policy
The Ministry of Interior is responsible for granting/extending visas in the following categories of foreigners.

VISA General Policy for Various Categories:

  1. Diplomatic UN Visa.
  2. Student Visa.
  3. Journalist Visa.
  4. NGO's Visa.
  5. Work Visa.
  6. Afghan Visa.
  7. Pilgrimage Visa.
  8. Missionary Work Visa.
  9. House-Maid Visa.
  10. Visa to Third Country Foreigner.
  11. Family Visit Visa for Pak Origin Foreigners.
  12. Business Visa.
  13. Visa on Arrival to Businessmen of 66 Countries.
  14. Tourist Visa.
  15. Group Tourism through Designated Tour Operators.
  16. Overstay Charges.
  17. Entry into Pakistan without Visa.
  18. Registration of Foreigners with Police.
  19. Visa Extension in Pakistan.
  20. Indian Nationals.
Click Here to view details of each Category.

Visa Fee
Visa Fee is always charged on reciprocal basis of the respective country.
Click Here to download Visa Fee details.

Visa Form
Click Here to view Visa Form.

Visit Directorate General of Immigration & Passports for further details.